Are you an owner

Are you an owner of a touristic property that is not giving you satisfactory rental returns? Or are you so busy that you have no time to manage it? Habytare tells you to relax and concentrate on the rest of your life matters as we manage your property. We’ll effectively market it and with time, it will be one of the best rentals for tourists visiting your area.

We have a very competent advertising team who employs photo, video and virtual communication to offer your property remarkably increased visibility and bookings. We have assisted lots of property owners to earn huge profits from their apartments and villas without lifting even a finger. However, if you want to be involved partially in the management of your property, we’ll also be glad to co-manage it with you. Depending on the status of your property, we can recommend some improvements on your property to impress and satisfy its occupants. Satisfied occupants become our marketing ambassador and more referrals and this way, you’ll be assured of more reliable and higher returns on your investment.

If you want a partner to help you increase the occupancy, hence rental returns, of your real estate property which is located in one of the world’s best areas, then you’ve found us. Get in touch with us for unregrettable partnership in its marketing and management. No more hassle; just sit down watch Habytare transform your dormant property to a goldmine.